The Company
Founded in 1999, RogueLogic is a software company that embraces the idea that computing power available to the average user or organization is under utilized and wasted; creating a need for software to be written that leverages existing network infrastructures, to provide the user with the total sum of the raw computing power which they already own. Our founder, lead architect and developer, Robert C. Ilardi has 25+ years of industrial experience writing true Multi-Tier Applications for large enterprise. Robert's goal is to take this experience and deliver robust application to the everyday user that normally were reserved for the corporate environment. We at RogueLogic believe that the time is right for users to start experiencing Enterprise level software at home, in schools, and at our small businesses.

Mission Statement
RogueLogic provides revolutionary, enterprise caliber, network based applications that enable the everyday user to better leverage both their local and remote hardware resources. RogueLogic delivers tools that allow users to have real time access to their data and applications.

The RogueLogic Difference
RogueLogic software goes beyond what users expect from the everyday applications. Our technology fuses traditional lean and efficient programming with modern day user experience capabilities. RogueLogic produces enterprise caliber software for the everyday user. This positions the user, so that they have total control over their technology resources. Up until now, the true power of personal computers and small networks has been hidden from the everyday user. Unlock the power of your network with RogueLogic Technology...

The RogueLogic Design Pattern
All RogueLogic software is designed so that the core of the software, where all the logic, calculations, data access, and other business implementations resides ("the back-end"), is separate from the UI (User Interface) or "front-end". Enterprise caliber software from RogueLogic provides a "power-user" back-end that is a highly customized solution, which is flexible enough to be extended and is scalable to meet your organization's needs today as well as in the future; combined with a front-end that provides the easy to use desktop experience we are all familiar with. This power-user back-end with a front-end that provides that familiar User Interface experience, means RogueLogic software provides users with exactly what they expect from their computers; high tech tools with that everyday appliance feel.